The Genius, Rule-Breaking Secret to Better Burgers

  Of course the most genius burger I’ve ever made would come from the Food Lab (and the brilliant dude behind it). Of course I won’t be able to make cheeseburgers another way. These burgers are perilously juicy, with the crispiest, meatiest, most umami-fied crust you can get in a burger. They also take under a minute to make, without any special… Read More »

Mother Overdoses on Heroin at Store With Toddler

The child was taken into protective custody and the mother has been charged with child endangerment. Police in Lawrence, Massachusetts have charged a woman with child endangerment after a video showed her passed out in the aisle of a Family Dollar store with her screaming toddler trying to wake her. The 18 September 2016 video… Read More »

Legalize heroin

The feds might not realize it yet, but legal weed is a fait accompli. Recreational marijuana is already legal in four states plus the District of Columbia, and it’s decriminalized in 14 more states. Legalizing medical marijuana has the support of nine in 10 Americans — a shocking unanimity in this partisan age — and… Read More »

10 Surprising Migraine Triggers To Be Blamed For Your Bad Days

Head-splitting pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, these are the common signs of migraine which can be totally debilitating. Here are some migraine-triggers which make your head, and your whole body, suffer from such painful, hard to breath, and unendurable days.1 1. Working Through All Of Your Lunch Break! Skipping a meal is a risky… Read More »